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2023-05-03 12:51:05


Electrical Engineering

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2019


In short, the fishing bobber connects to a smartphone app (also designed by members on the team) to notify the user of fish bite data via Bluetooth connection. Additionally, the smartBobber is able to set the hook on fish autonomously and alert the user when it does so. This is possible by the use of a linear solenoid that is spring loaded. Circuitry on the bobber detects the pull distance on the plunger of the solenoid and transmits this data to the user in real time. Once the solenoid has passed a certain pull threshold, the solenoid completes a 12V circuit to pull the plunger upward; setting the hook in doing so. Other features of the smartBobber include: water temperature data, LED notification and control, auto hook toggle on/off, circuit protection, and charging capabilities. The smartBobber is able to run for approximately 11 hours and can stay connected to a smartphone from up to 100m away.

Research Sponsor

Gregory A. Lewis

First Reader

Michael L. French

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Gregory A. Lewis



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