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2023-05-03 11:21:01


Business and Organizational Communication - Public Relations

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


The 2017-2018 school year was the first year The University of Akron competed in the Bateman competition, a national public relations competition. The Bateman competition challenges students to research, execute, and evaluate a public relations plan within their college campus and the surrounding community. Two teams at The University of Akron successfully created and implemented a plan that benefitted the non-profit With Purpose, an organization dedicated to increasing funding and research efforts allocated toward pediatric cancer. As a member of one of those teams, the author was responsible for planning the Bateman team’s large event during the implementation period. This paper details the necessary steps one must take in order to host a successful charity event at The University of Akron. It explores, generally, what the best practices are in regard to planning an event, motivating volunteers, and evaluating the success of an event. This paper also details a survey that was conducted among undergraduate students at The University of Akron to learn more about what motivates them to attend events, what types of media students use, and how motivated students feel toward affecting change on a large problem like pediatric cancer. Finally, this paper includes the event plan of a charity event that took place at The University of Akron and a post event evaluation.

Research Sponsor

Julie Cajigas

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McKenna Vietmeier

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Julia Spiker



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