Date of Graduation

Spring 2018

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



Research Sponsor

Dr. Rebecca Willits

First Reader

Nader Taha

Second Reader

Naman AL


In order to improve upon the utilization of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) microgel-based scaffolds in drug delivery applications, this work explores the use of degradable and non-degradable PEG for tunable scaffolds. Previously, issues concerning the required uniformity in microgel size and low polydispersity index have been encountered. As such, methods of refining polymer synthesis, microgel fabrication, and microgel size separation were explored. Overall, no solution has been found to correct the issue for the microgels were still observed to have high polydispersity index regardless of varied troubleshooting alterations.

Included in

Biomaterials Commons