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2023-05-03 05:04:14



Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


As a child, writing poetry came naturally, like learning to speak. Over time and throughout school, rigid styles of academic interpretation and an air of demographic exclusivity corrupted the genre. I came to associate poetry with historical, formal poets of history. It wasn't until my undergraduate studies introduced me to contemporary poetry that I realized poems were still being created and consumed today, by a diverse and thriving community. This realization renewed my perception of poetry and gave me permission to write in a way that felt authentic, despite the conventions and rules I had learned. In this introduction to and analysis of my micro collection of poetry, I explore the ways in which various contemporary poets, such as Ada Limón, Ocean Vuong, Anne Barngrover, and others, have influenced my method of reading and writing poems.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Mary Biddinger

First Reader

Dr. Alan Ambrisco

Second Reader

Dr. Heather Braun

Included in

Poetry Commons



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