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2024-06-04 07:25:17


Supply Chain/Operations Management

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Honors Project in Business Admin

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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Fall 2024


My Honors Research Team is assisting the small company called Hartville Potato Chips in their positioning and marketing in the business world. Our group looks to assess position where this company occupies in consumers' minds, how they can leverage their unique position, what companies they can partner with, what companies they partner with that are most successful, and where, financially, company is doing well. Our research will consist of interviews, second hand research, working with client, analyzing of financial materials, and focus groups. The goal overall is bring the company to a better spot in location of customers' heads.

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Honors Faculty Advisor

Deborah Owens

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This group project, consisting of myself (Colton Zweifel), Nick Maricocchi, Augustine Holben, Madyson Miller, Adam Weidmann, and Ashlyn Pinkerton has been approved by Dr. Deborah Owens on 10/17/2023



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