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2024-01-17 10:15:39



Honors Course

ENGL 482 001

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2023


Constance After Dark is an episodic screenplay, outlining the beginning, middle and end of a television comedy pilot. Set in Ohio, the story follows Brooks Riegler in his first semester at the fictional “Constance College” as he navigates the ups and downs of university life at the lowest ranked school in the state. Due to a class taught by the eccentric and nefarious Dr. Mars, Brooks learns to open up to hyperactive athletes, obsessive overachievers, and even strange, mysterious men urinating on the side of the road. Brooks, Cassidy, Jenny and Guy form a tight-knit and unlikely bond in a story that tests both their friendships and their assumptions about one another. In addition to the screenplay, this project contains a self-reflection essay detailing the process of writing the scripts, as well as an essay written about the author’s critical literary and filmic influences.

Research Sponsor

Juan Eduardo Contreras Barberena

First Reader

Heather Braun

Second Reader

Juliana Amir

Honors Faculty Advisor

Elizabeth Rhoades

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The author has decided to withhold publishing the screenplay online due to the possibility of the work's potential publication or production in the future.



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