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2024-01-17 07:07:10



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COMM 485

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Bachelor of Arts

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Winter 2023


With the growing tension in the political climate of the United States, political figures often use apologia in their attempt to repair a damaged image due to their mistakes or wrongdoings. This project reviews several scholars’ image repair typologies and strategies, applying them to the case of Craig Shubert, former mayor of Hudson, Ohio. While the specific image repair strategies employed can vary from one case to another, Shubert’s use of evasion of responsibility and reducing offensiveness proved to be ineffective and resulted in his resignation before completing his term at the end of 2023. Although it is recommended to use more than one type of apologia when addressing damage to one’s image, each political figure needs to carefully assess their specific situation and audience to determine the most suitable types. The implications of political figures’ use of apologia for repairing and restoring their damaged public images are discussed in this study.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Yang Lin

First Reader

Dr. Julia Spiker

Second Reader

Dr. Rhiannon Kallis

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kathleen Clark

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