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2023-05-08 16:47:47



Honors Course

HIST 492-003 INS (75596)

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2023


This project is a historical paper on Bloody Sunday, a day of violence in Dublin during the Irish War for Independence on November 21, 1920, analyzing primary and secondary sources centered on the subject to answer specific historiographical research questions. The primary objective of this research project is to understand the immediate social and political ramifications of Bloody Sunday in Ireland and England as reflected in the spread of information via the written press. The goal of the written analysis will be to answer a series of historical research questions. How were both the IRA’s killings and the subsequent reprisal massacre portrayed in the press to the public of Ireland and England? How did these populations generally react to the IRA’s killings? To the reprisal massacre? What effect did the press influence the public’s opinion of the IRA or the British forces in Ireland? To achieve the primary objective set for this project, I will examine various newspapers, diaries, and memoirs covering the IRA’s killing operation throughout Dublin and the subsequent massacre at Croke Park.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Martin Wainwright

First Reader

Dr. Gina Martino

Second Reader

Dr. Michael Graham

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Michael Graham

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*Executive summary being submitted after receiving waiver for proprietary and/or confidential information.



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