College of Engineering and Polymer Science

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2023-05-06 15:26:24


Computer Information Systems

Honors Course

CISS 491-001

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2023


This project proposal will document the design, configuration, and penetration testing of a network consisting of three routers (labeled as Lakers, Celtics, Cavaliers), one switch (labeled as NBA), and three end devices (labeled as Kali, Windows 10, and Ubuntu) each connected to one of three routers present on the network. Each router will be attached to a different subnet on the network. The network will be secured using encrypted passwords on the router interfaces, OSPF MD5 authentication between the routers, port security on the switch, as well as Access Control Lists to to control the privileges of each subnetwork accordingly. In this example, the Kali Linux end device, located on the Lakers subnet, will perform three penetration tests on the network in the form of vulnerability scanning with Metasploit and Nmap, attempting to create a reverse TCP connection with the Windows 10 end device on the Celtics subnet through the standalone payload generator msfvenom, attempting to gain the login credentials to the Cavaliers router through the password cracker John the Ripper, and using the Social Engineering Toolkit to perform a phishing attack on the Ubuntu end device located on the Cavaliers subnet.

Research Sponsor

John Nicholas

First Reader

Stanley Smith

Second Reader

Sarah Hoge

Honors Faculty Advisor

Sarah Hoge

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