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2023-05-08 15:54:34



Honors Course

Honors Project in History

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2023


This project hopes to establish several key points. One of which is that Poland is unfairly represented in Western historiography. Specifically, this means that in the English-speaking academic world, Poland is discussed disproportionately. Countries like Germany, France, and Britain have thousands of pages written about them discussing their roles during the Reformation. But Poland does not. This is evidenced by the many Western textbooks that misrepresent the nation. In turn, the project will use these various textbooks as evidence. The second point this project aims to cover is why Poland’s underappreciation is unfair. Simply demonstrating how Poland is underrepresented is easy, but showing Poland’s relative significance is more difficult as it is more subjective. Nonetheless, the project will reference historical correspondence, unique aspects of Poland (its religious, social, and political structure), the Polish print industry, and Polish reformers to support the point that the country deserves more detail in Western historiographies. Specifically, the reformer Jan Łaski and his work, the Forma Ac Ratio, will be vital to the argument. Finally, the third aim of this project is to answer why. Overall, why is Poland so underdiscussed? And why does the English-speaking world seemingly ignore the nation’s history and achievements?

Research Sponsor

Dr. Michael Graham

First Reader

Dr. Michael Levin

Second Reader

Dr. Stephen Harp

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Michael Graham

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