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2023-05-06 08:14:02



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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2023


My proposed project will be creating large unilaminar vesicles with varying concentrations of DHA in the vesicles. The diffusion in and out of these vesicles will be tracked by using singular lipid molecules. These singular lipid molecules will be tagged with fluorescence and viewed using an internal reflection fluorescence microscope. The data collected over the course of this project will then be analyzed using Matlab. The result of the project will be to find the specific lipid diffusion constant of these unilaminar vesicles. The relationship between the concentration of DHA and lipid diffusion and membrane fluidity will be found as well.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Chunming Liu

First Reader

Shuzhen Liu

Second Reader

Kai Gu

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. William Donovan

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