Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences

Date of Last Revision

2023-05-05 21:58:17


Middle Level Education

Honors Course

5250:430 - 002

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Education

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


Keeping students engaged and achieving in their academic content in school is becoming a very difficult task for teachers all across the nation. A relatively new concept that many teachers and schools are attempting to try in order to accomplish this task is incorporating physical activity in the classroom. However, we still wonder just how effective this integration is and what are the effects across the various grade levels and subject areas? To answer this question, relevant articles were researched, and information was gathered on studies that have been previously done. Results show that overall physical activity incorporated in the classroom will support higher grades, an increase in concentration, a decrease in sedentary activity, among many other benefits. Physical activity is a strategy that has been shown to benefit students and teachers when integrated in the classroom.

Research Sponsor

Gary Holliday

First Reader

Lynne Pachnowski

Second Reader

Karen Plaster

Honors Faculty Advisor

Gary Holliday



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