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2023-05-05 01:11:38


Political Science

Honors Course

3700 497

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Summer 2021


My overall goal with my Honors project is to have a better understanding of the human rights situation in Venezuela and how human rights abuses are one of the many factors in the high levels of emigration. The influx of migrants has led to serious issues in many South American countries, especially Colombia, as many countries face economic hurdles, and the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the global economy. I want to address the international response to this crisis as well due to the differing responses of the Syrian refugee crisis and the Venezuelan migration crisis. In order to do this, I plan on using a detailed case study and drawing upon my past work on the country’s history which has led them to this point. This work builds upon previous work and plays a role in my internship as some of the media that I read for work refers to the issues that Venezuelan migrants are facing in their new countries as well as the issues they faced while living under the Maduro regime.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Ronald Gelleny

First Reader

Dr. Maria Alejandra Zanetta

Second Reader

Dr. Nancy Marion

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ronald Gelleny

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