College of Health Professions

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2023-05-04 19:57:57


Exercise Science

Honors Course


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2021


Research shows that there are numerous benefits to allowing students to be physically active throughout the school day, such as increasing motivation, decreasing behavioral issues, and improving on-task behavior (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018) The purpose of this research was to assess, from the perspective of teachers and teacher aids, the relationship between physical activity and elementary school aged students’ academic and behavioral performance in the classroom. Previous research conducted supports that the inclusion of physical activity during the school day helps improve students’ academic and behavioral performance in the classroom. Teachers and teacher aides were chosen as participants because they observe and interact with students on a daily basis. The survey asked participants to indicate if they include physical activity during class-time, the duration and types of such activities, and what benefits they believe come from these activities. The overall findings of this study show most participants include exercise breaks for their students and favor the idea that class-time physical activity is beneficial for students.

Research Sponsor

Rachele Kappler

First Reader

Stephanie Davis-Dieringer

Second Reader

Charles A. Waehler

Honors Faculty Advisor

Rachele Kappler



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