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Bachelor of Music

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Spring 2021


Teaching is a skill that has many different techniques and strategies. Each instructional strategy is valid for giving the student the opportunity to learn. In the 1993 article “Improvisation is the Manifestation of Musical Thought,” Azzara states that improvisation is a spontaneous expression of musical concepts. Many have used improvisation to bring knowledge together and synthesize the content. Improvisation is a tool that can be utilized at any point in the educational process. Opportunities for improvisational play gives students personal experiences on leading to skill development in listening and performing of the skills. After a solid foundation of performance ability and aural perception is built, notation can be introduced to provide a symbol to the already learned skill.

This literature review synthesizes information and data about the effects of improvisation on music literacy in beginning musical ensembles. A secondary purpose of the literature review is to analyze common pedagogies used by music teachers and to compare them to the use of improvisation. This paper is intended to provide information on the benefits of improvisation at any point in a musician’s developmental process. Resources and discussions through this literature review are meant to provide strategies for the incorporation of improvisation into the teaching process.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Chrisitine Russell

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Dr. Andrew Feyes

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Mr. Joseph Monocchi

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Mr. Joseph Minocchi



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