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This collection is as much about the present as it is about the past. Award-winning journalist, Mark J. Price, whose popular weekly column "This Place, This Time" has appeared in the "Akron Beacon Journal" since 1998, explores the history of Akron, Ohio and Summit County through compelling vignettes, bringing to life bygone days through painstaking research of archival materials, local histories, newspaper records and vintage photographs, plus contemporary interviews. The real-life stories range from quirky to poignant, from humorous to tragic, and all points in between. Read about the U. S. president who strolled through the countryside, the Akron stagehand who became a Hollywood icon, the beloved beagle that attended elementary school, the natural landmark that slid underground, the pop concert that made girls faint, the lost cemetery that turned into a city park and the world-famous gadget that caught on in Northeast Ohio. A true treasure trove of the varied places of an historic region.



Publication Date

Spring 3-14-2012


University of Akron Press


Akron Ohio


Akron, Ohio, History



The Rest is History: True Tales from Akron's Vibrant Past

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History Commons



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