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Jane knows food. She’s taste-tested dishes with Paul Prudhomme, interviewed Martha Stewart, and rubbed elbows with Wolfgang Puck. Jane is adventurous. She once sampled every item offered at three amusement parks. Jane is downright daring. While judging Ohio State Fair dishes, she downed a slice of Spam-apple pie.

This collection of recipes and stories is a cornucopia of haute cuisine and drive-in delights. It includes local Akron, Ohio favorites like Cranberry Velvet, miniature marshmallows and all, Kaase’s Cinnamon Star Cookies, and the Bavarian Haus’s Sauerkraut Balls. But Jane offers much more—Gertie’s Crab Cakes, direct from Baltimore, Maryland; Choco-Orange Brownies; Garlic Pork in Lettuce Leaves; Gazpacho Andalucia discovered on a trip to Spain; Indonesian Chicken Wings; Vietnamese Chicken Salad; Southwestern Beef Shanks; and Coconut-Pecan Bread Pudding. Jane has gone to great lengths to discover recipe secrets. She knows her way around diverse cuisine. Your taste buds will be thrilled.

"Much as we love finding out how to make Barberton chicken, sauerkraut balls and Waterloo coconut-cream pie, Jane Snow Cooks is not just a book of recipes to treasure. It is the story of life in Akron, in the Midwest and in America as seen in the way people cook and eat. Each recipe is connected to a place, person, time or memorable experience, giving this eminently useful book added cultural resonance that is rare in the world of food writing." —Jane & Michael Stern, Authors of Roadfood (

"This is a collection of Jane Snow’s favorite recipes, menu ideas, tips, and stories. Anyone can cook from this book—the recipes are easy to follow and use readily available ingredients. The heart of this cookbook lies in the chapter of ‘Jane’s Favorites.’ Her recipes are a celebration of the best of her collection and include: Jane’s Chili, Pineapple-Ginger Glazed Riblets, and Peach Meringue Pie." —Russ Vernon, Chairman Emeritus, West Point Market



Publication Date

Fall 9-22-2009


University of Akron Press


Akron, Ohio


Cookbook, Regional cuisine, Akron



Jane Snow Cooks: Spirited Recipes and Stories

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History Commons



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