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Our Boys in Blue and Gold chronicles Zips football from the late 1800s until today. Stories from The Buchtelite have been carefully selected to provide a complete and unique picture of the university’s crucial games and motley characters. Historic images fill the pages with a timeline of the sport itself. The first book of its kind about Zips football includes:

* An historical account of the team’s journey from its inception in 1891 through the 2008 season

* Special sections on the Zips and Zippy, the wagon wheel, the Acme–Zip game, the coaches, the marching band, the cheerleaders, and the playing fields and stadiums

* Over 50 carefully-selected news articles that provide a comprehensive portrait of Zips football

* Unique images from every decade dating back to 1891

* A foreword by Jim Tressel, who started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at The University of Akron

* Extensively-researched selections from The University of Akron Archives, The University of Akron Athletics Department, The Buchtelite, the Tel-Buch, and more

* Features about landmark games, historic contests, and traditions

* Season records dating back to the program’s inception.



Publication Date

Fall 8-27-2009


University of Akron Press


Akron, Ohio


Football, College Sports, University of Akron


Sports Studies

Our Boys in Blue and Gold: A Chronicle of Zips Football



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