West Point Market Cookbook


West Point Market Cookbook


Russ Vernon



In Seattle, people swear by Pike Place Market. In the Big Apple, native New Yorkers trek to Zabar's. In Northeast Ohio, everyone salivates at the thought of West Point Market's Killer Brownies.

West Point Market, a market like no other, packs 350 varieties of cheese, 3,000 different wines, and 8,200 international gourmet items into 25,000 square feet of sheer culinary heaven. Family-owned since 1936, the Market's national reputation for quality and panache attracts professional chefs, party planners, gastronomic connoisseurs, and anyone who savors a dish that adds spice to life, literally.

"[I]t improves lives in a particularly local way. It's the best kind of provincialism, the aspect of life in a place that enjoys certain flavors exclusively. This is the place where, the only time in my life I ever needed to purchase octopus, I was able to. I bought octopus off the rack, as they say in the sportcoat business. —David Giffels

"This glorious book admits food pilgrims to the inner sanctum of one of America’s most acclaimed fancy foods stores. Killer Brownies, Turkey Braciola, Sticky Toffee Pudding—the secret recipes are all here. They show why West Point Market has become a magnet for food cognoscenti from across the country and around the world." —Jane Snow, food writer and winner of two James Beard Awards

"My father sold groceries to Russ Vernon's dad at the original Highland Square store seventy-five years ago. It has been a continuing joy to watch West Point Market grow into a national treasure. Whenever it shares its recipes, count me in." —Bob Lape, Emmy Award winner, Food journalist for WCBS and Crain's New York Business



Publication Date

Fall 10-1-2008


University of Akron Press


Akron, Ohio


Cooking, Recipes, Regional Cuisine


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

West Point Market Cookbook