Student Projects from the Archives

Student Projects from the Archives

Volume 1 (2019) Student Projects from the Archives, Spring 2018

In an UnClass of its Own

Dr. Jodi Kearns & Dr. Hillary Nunn

The David P. Campbell Postcard Collection at the Drs. Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Center for the History of Psychology contains around 250,000 cards and represents more than worldwide vacation spots. The collection also includes images ranging from cartoons to propaganda and from fashion to news events.

During Spring 2018, eleven students made a select group of these postcards more accessible through an Unclass offered through the EXL Center and the English Department at the University of Akron. UnClasses are hands-on in structure and stress student-led experiential learning.

Throughout the semester, students blogged about their selected postcards in the blog of the Institute for Human Science and Culture.

This first issue of SPA publishes the research projects of the Spring 2018 students.


M. Storey-Bates Cards
Stacy Young and Emma Grosjean