Psychology from the Margins


The legacy of social sciences is riddled with examples of harm toward racial minorities. Since its inception, the field of psychology has enforced power imbalances between researchers and research participants (APA, 2021a). Due to this imbalance, there have been violations of human dignity by psychological researchers from disciplines including social, clinical, cognitive, and counseling psychology (Winston, 2020). As the field of psychology continues to expand, it is necessary to redress the harmful legacies of psychological practices hindering help-seeking behaviors for many minoritized groups. As future practitioners and researchers, we recognize the instrumental role of past and current psychologists in shaping the future of psychological knowledge. Therefore, as we explore the detrimental effects experienced by marginalized communities, it is essential to recognize how historical psychological knowledge still influences our methods, production, and replication of knowledge. This paper aims to delve into the historical development and expansion of psychological knowledge from the 19th to the 21st century to highlight how this era of psychological inquiry impacts racial minorities.



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