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Interdisciplinary Anthropology

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


The focus of this project will be to firmly establish, characterize, and define the range of traits that describe the most common fabric type of the pottery found at Ziyaret Tepe, which was called by the excavators and ceramic experts Plain Simple Ware (code designation LA01). To characterize and describe the range of traits of Plain Simple Ware from Ziyaret Tepe, ceramic analysis, specifically, a method called ceramic petrography was employed in this study of thirty samples of pottery. The results include confirmation that the clay used to produce the pottery had mineral deposits consistent with the geomorphology of the area, and that the form and manufacturing technique of the pottery was consistent with pottery from the Assyrian heartland. However, the pottery at Ziyaret Tepe stands out for its heavy burnishing as a surface treatment, a surface treatment not commonly found on pottery made in Assyria.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Evi Gorogianni

First Reader

Dr. Timothy Matney

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Dr. Patricia Vinyard



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