Date of Last Revision

2023-05-03 13:12:18


Human Resources Management

Degree Name

Bachelor of Business Administration

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


Our project objective was to provide Sherwin Williams with a comprehensive and well researched recommendation to aid recruitment efforts for their Management Trainee Program, as well as increase employee retention. Our team’s primary research was centered around benchmarking Sherwin Williams’ business related practices with those of similar retail companies and employees. Specifically, the research was focused on company culture, training and support, employee referrals, and treatment of part-time employees of the different organizations. To complete the benchmarking effectively, our team created two variations of a survey design to capture the necessary feedback and data. After analyzing our primary research and referring back to our secondary research, we focused our recommendations on increasing Sherwin’s corporate reputation to prospective new hires by utilizing and embracing their employer brand image. To better communicate their employer brand image, they will need to be interacting in a more communicative and engaging manner on social media. Our main recommendation for Sherwin Williams is to create employee testimonial videos that showcase their culture, and how much employees value their jobs at Sherwin. We also recommended that Sherwin Williams engage more with potential applicants on social media, while utilizing a company-wide mindset.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Susan Hanlon

First Reader

Dr. Susan Hanlon

Second Reader

Mr. Andy Platt



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