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2023-05-02 14:10:54


Athletic Training

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Bachelor of Science

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Summer 2015


Recently the role of vitamin D in other non-classical capacities has been evaluated. One of these non-classical vitamin D roles is assisting in maintaining proper immune system health. One disease that has a great effect on the immune system is influenza. Vitamin D helps to prevent and limit influenza by moderating the inflammatory cytokines as well as promoting the production of monocytes that help destroy the invading materials. Through the use of vitamin D supplementation the recommended daily amount of vitamin D can be assured and optimal health could be achieved. The purpose of this project was to design a research study to determine the effects of vitamin D supplementation on the rate of influenza-like illnesses. Each subject in the study will be assigned a number and randomly placed into one of two groups. One group will be the experimental group (group 1) and the other will be the control group (group 2). Group 1 will contain one hundred subjects and group 2 will contain one hundred subjects. Each group will receive seven tablets once a week with the instruction to take one each day with a meal. Group 1 will be given the vitamin D supplements and group 2 will be given the placebo tablets. The subjects will all be instructed to report any influenza or influenza-like illnesses by emailing the researchers after every out-patient doctor visit that resulted in a diagnosis of influenza or influenza-like illness. The number of out-patient doctor visits for each subject in group 1 will be added together and the number of out-patient doctor visits for each subject in group 2 will be added together. This study will hope to provide insight and significance to the battle against influenza and influenza-like illnesses and its association to vitamin D.

Research Sponsor

Stacey Buser

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Carrie Fister

Second Reader

Ronald Otterstetter



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