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Everyone loves a growing economy and low unemployment rate. Well, that is everyone except hiring managers. One of the hardest things for a hiring manager to do is retain talent when unemployment is low. The workers can move from job to job without worrying that they will have trouble finding employment. This is especially true in the retail industry. The retail industry is mostly made up of part-time employees who can choose to leave a company very quickly and with very little cost to themselves. The hiring manager, however, knows that it is very expensive for a company to continually have to hire, process, and train new employees. It is not a surprise that a well-known and established company, such as Sherwin-Williams, would be interested in how to retain their top talent and how to find the next group of talented individuals. This is what has allowed Sherwin-Williams to be an industry leader for so long. There are many different strategies to retain talent that have been tested and researched extensively. Some of these strategies revolve around the different types of economic conditions that cause turnover and cultures that can create better environments to retain employees.

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Secondary Research for Recruitment and Retention

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