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Management - Information Systems Management

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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Spring 2019


The overall purpose of this research is to gather information from a variety of different sources regarding recruitment and retention strategies. After gathering this information, the findings will be applied to The Sherwin-Williams Company in order to provide them with strategies on how to increase both retention and recruitment efforts in their organization. While there is no universal secret to better recruitment, the findings may transfer to a variety of different solutions.

The study was designed to cover a variety of different generations that companies can pull from. Primarily, baby boomer, generation X, and generation Y were taken into account. The assumption is that this core group of workers will be the prime hiring and retention targets. A big emphasis was put on branding and how it can lead to greater recruitment. It is vital for Sherwin Williams to identify target pools and use strategies centered around those pools.

The findings gave great insight in the struggles with recruiting in different generations. Specifically, baby boomers and millennials have contrasting needs and therefore cannot be put under the same strategies of recruitment. It is essential that any brand implement a variety of different strategies in order to recruit different segments of the talent pool. A well diversified company can lead to insight and application on a variety of different levels.

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Susan Hanlon

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Krista Mathis

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Charles Howe

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Primary Research

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