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Dance with Business Cognate

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


Dance and American Sign Language (ASL) are two separate entities which share a place in the world as communication through movement. For this project, I extended my knowledge and understanding of two disciplines, ASL and dance, through evidence-based research practices while integrating that research with my creative process and experience within a classroom-based setting. Through this framework of research, coursework, and experimentation, I drew relations between dance and ASL as communication. The results of my research are presented in this report as well as in a piece of choreography I created based on the integration of ASL with a choreographic voice in a piece entitled For Emily. This piece was presented at The University of Akron Terpsichore Dance Club’s spring concert, Spring Into Dance, on April 25-27, 2019. A video of the work can be accessed using this link: This project is intentionally focused on the application of ASL into my choreographic voice for the purpose of extending my ability to create expressiveness and communicate through dance.

Research Sponsor

Christina Foisie

First Reader

Marybeth Poder

Second Reader

Christine Bolingbroke



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