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2023-05-03 13:15:33


Political Science

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Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


This research paper aims to investigate the effects of economic globalization on the Mexican economy. To contextualize the research presented, a brief historical summary is presented. Economic globalization is examined through trade and foreign investment in México, including Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and portfolio investment. The Mexican economy is measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). This research paper uses data from The World Bank to examine how economic globalization indicators affect the indicators chosen to measure the Mexican economy. The findings of this paper show that there is evidence that the Mexican economy has grown as a result of exposure to a global market and the embrace of neoliberal economic policy. Additionally, the findings indicate that some of the indicators of globalization have no direct effect on specific economic indicators, but seem to impact the economy overall. This paper determines that neoliberal economic policy and economic globalization have shaped Mexico’s recent history and will shape the future of Mexico.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Ronald Gelleny

First Reader

Dr. Tomas Neal

Second Reader

Dr. O'Sullivan