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2023-05-03 13:20:46



Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


An expression for the drag transresistivity in a graphene double layer system exhibiting potential fluctuations modelled as a periodic oscillation in electron density is derived. Our model starts from the Coulombic interaction and we derive the correlation between a sinusoidal fluctuation in electron density in the first layer and the induced electron density in the second layer. Previous models in the literature have employed an arbitrary correlation between each layer’s electron density, and the model presented is the first attempt in the literature to explicitly derive this correlation. Recent experiments have found that the drag transresistivity in graphene double layers systems exhibit a sign change as the electron density in the first layer is increased from zero. Our model is able to reproduce this sign change, and is in agreement with experiment. As the amplitude of the fluctuations approaches zero, the model reproduces the result of the uniform case. The model qualitatively agrees with experimental results, but it needs to be further refined to more accurately take into account how electron density fluctuations actually occur in experimental samples.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Ben Yu-Kuang Hu

First Reader

Dr. Robert Mallik

Second Reader

Dr. Sasa Dordevic



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