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2023-05-03 13:02:07


Chemical Engineering

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


I will be completing thorough research on the top 10 rubber companies in NAFTA that are non-tire manufacturers. I will format this data to show all their locations, what the location does, if they buy rubber and how much, if they buy from HEXPOL Compounding, and who their purchasing manager is. This will be completed for HEXPOL Compounding, an international custom rubber mixer with 16 locations in North America and growing. I will use internal software systems through HEXPOL Compounding to collect already known data, find information on the companies' websites, speak with HEXPOL Compounding's customer service representatives and business development managers to gain insight not found in the systems or online, and then finally call the company to check accuracy of data and collect any needed information. If the company prefers not to participate in the research, the communication with the company and situation will be recorded and the administration of HEXPOL Compounding will determine if they would like to contact the company further or take other action. Impact of this project for HEXPOL Compounding include further market insight and possibilities to heighten partnerships or build new ones. Personal impact includes more experience away from engineering as most of my undergrad was focused on engineering, and more experience with HEXPOL Compounding as I hope to earn a full-time position.

Research Sponsor

Bi-min Zhang Newby

First Reader

Andy Claytor

Second Reader

Donald Picard

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Marketing Commons



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