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2023-05-03 13:04:37



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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2019


The purpose of this project is to provide a way to distribute important information to a group of undergraduates that might otherwise not receive it. This project was to create a resource/handout that would educate individuals who have not personally experienced discrimination and do not know how to be an ally. It is common for individuals to not consider the full effects of their thoughts, feelings, or actions on others if they believe they are not acting in an overly aggressive or ill-intentioned manner. There are a lot of resources that discourage extreme, overtly discriminatory, and offensive behavior, but there are few that explain the impact of unintentional or microlevel aggressions. The goal of this project is to create a quick and easy to read resource that will educate college students about microaggressions and how to avoid committing them. The second goal of this project is to go a step further and show individuals how to support members of non-majority groups.

Research Sponsor

Toni L. Bisconti, Ph.D.

First Reader

Michael Vale

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Kevin P. Kaut, PhD

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Psychology Commons



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