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2023-05-03 13:07:37


Political Science

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2019


This report attempts to show that it is not just possible for the City of Akron to transition to a more sustainable city, but that it may be socially and economically beneficial for the city to do so. This report builds on Greenprint for Akron, the City of Akron’s Climate Action Plan, and serves to complement city development plans as well as guide the adoption of future climate related policies. This report provides a limited but updated climate and sustainability assessment of the City of Akron and employs a framework of three fundamental aspects of a sustainable and resilient city: zero carbon, zero waste, and 100% renewable energy generation. Using the climate action plans from six cities from the Midwest and Northeast, this report synthesizes a list of policy recommendations that are applicable to the City of Akron, actionable, and support the three fundamental goals of sustainability. The purpose of this report is to revive interest in sustainability and climate action within the city government and to center sustainability as an essential consideration for the future of the City of Akron.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Terry O'Sullivan

First Reader

Jenni Fitzgerald

Second Reader

Dr. Ron Gelleny



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