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2023-05-03 12:56:50


Electrical Engineering

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


The purpose of this research project was to design an anti-theft device that interfaces with a standard garage door opener to allow packages to easily be delivered into a garage in a safe and secure manner. Primary functionality of the device is to use a package’s tracking number and corresponding barcode to open and close a garage door to a preset height so that a package can be delivered inside the garage before it closes. My contribution to the project revolved around the programming and board design of the microcontroller circuit that controls the input and output signals of the systems hardware.

My primary contribution was in the coding of the microcontroller and the subsequent logic behind it. For my portion of the project to work the microcontroller had to be able to perform a few key functions necessary for the overall project success. The most important aspect of the design was the relaying of information between the wifi-module and the microcontroller. The wifi-module sends multiple signals once a barcode has been read through our database and the microcontroller reads these signals, processes them, and sends a corresponding response to the LED’s displayed, LCD display, and the garage door opener. The garage opener module is a normal wireless three button opener that was modified to allow it to be controlled by a digital signal from the microcontroller. Using this digital signal a series of timed pulses opened, stopped, and closed the garage door at predetermined intervals to achieve the desired design requirements. I also assisted in the overall circuit diagram design and the design of the final board implemented to connect all of our electrical components together into a single unified system.

Research Sponsor

Kye-Shin Lee

First Reader

Greg Lewis

Second Reader

Robert Veillette



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