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2023-05-03 12:49:35


Mechanical Engineering - Cooperative Education

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2019


Coil cars are a vital part of many steel mills. They allow mills to easily transfer a coil from one location to another without the use of a crane, manual labor, or other extraneous forces. Steel Equipment Specialists, or SES, gets multiple orders every year for coil cars. While the general functions and goals of the cars remains consistent, the details, such as the size of the car, the distance between rails, and the weight/ size of the coils differs between each place. Due to this variety, SES has requested a coil car that can easily be manipulated and produced outside the United States. In the end, a coil car that fit Steel Equipment Specialist’s needs, along with a set of calculations, FEAs, and a cost analysis were completed.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Donald Quinn

First Reader

Dr. Yogesh Singh

Second Reader

Dr. Donald Quinn

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Manufacturing Commons



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