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2023-05-03 12:50:19


Strategic & Organizational Communications

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2019


The Williams Syndrome Association is a nonprofit organization that helps raise funds and awareness about Williams syndrome. Williams syndrome is a disorder that is not very well known and has a lot of unique challenges associated with it. Individuals with Williams syndrome have serious health concerns and tend to be extremely friendly, outgoing, and empathetic. The Williams Syndrome Association is dedicated to raising funds to aid research, creating awareness for the disorder, and providing support to families that are affected by the disorder. The association recruits volunteers to put on an annual Walk for Williams Syndrome in their area. These events account for the majority of their fundraising and occur all across the country. This document is intended to assist the volunteer in the event planning process, and therefore take extra work off of the association.

The success of fundraising events that are planned for non-profit organizations, such as the Williams Syndrome Association, are imperative for the sustainability of the organization and their cause. For volunteers that are new to planning a fundraising event, having a step by step guide would help ensure the confidence of the planner as well as aid in the success of the overall event, in turn helping the organization to meet their objectives. To create this project, I researched theories in organizational communication and public relations to help understand what gaps in the organizational structure of the association needed to be filled, and what public relations theories needed to be addressed, since events serve as a public relations tactic. This research aided in the creation of this worksheet-like document, which the volunteers, also called walk coordinators, could use to guide their planning.

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McKenna Vietmeier

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Dr. Heather Walter

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Cyndra Cole



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