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2023-05-03 12:50:36



Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


This project explores the relationship between character virtues and burnout among student employees. It reviews and elaborates on the previous research findings in positive psychology and uses existing research on human virtues in order to further study their relationship with burnout. In exchange for extra course credit, students completed an online survey comprised of a demographic questionnaire and measures of character virtues, burnout, job control, and work overload. Analysis of the results focused on the specific virtues of courage and transcendence and the burnout antecedents of work overload, and lack of control. A multiple regression analysis was used to determine whether or not the virtue of transcendence could help alleviate the effects of lack of control on burnout experience. The virtue of courage was also analyzed to learn what moderating effects it may have on the relationship between work overload and burnout. Contrary to my hypotheses, I found that courage did not significantly moderate the relationship between work overload and burnout, and transcendence did not significantly moderate the relationship between lack of control and burnout. However, consistent with past research, job control and work overload significantly predicted burnout experiences. Furthermore, results also indicated a significant negative correlation between both courage and transcendence in relation to burnout.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Paul Levy

First Reader

Steven Tseng

Second Reader

Dr. Ingrid Weigold



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