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2023-05-03 12:51:04


Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


For individuals entering the field of health professions, an understanding of variation among global health systems can foster more informed viewpoints when working with multicultural populations. To investigate this relationship between the Spanish and U.S. systems, I analyzed the macro-structure of the healthcare systems in the United States and Spain to better understand plans of treatment, economic burden to patients and quality of life of patients undergoing total laryngectomy surgery in each country. A critical review of scholarly journals and studies relating to the healthcare systems of each country and total laryngectomy surgeries showed a unique picture of each system. When compared to the Spanish healthcare system, the United States’ health system is associated with increased financial burden to the patient and more difficulties in coordinating appointments and procedures needed for successful treatment. This is attributed to the Spanish system’s universal healthcare without copay and supportive care. Other factors such as low socioeconomic status and difficulty regarding access contribute to poorer outcomes in both healthcare systems. Engaging with the differences between systems illustrates that care can be achieved in different ways; this is a crucial lesson in increasing the knowledge base and intercultural competence of the upcoming workforce in United States healthcare.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Cortney Benjamin

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Nancy Harris

Second Reader

Dr. Angela Reif



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