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2023-05-03 12:51:30


Corrosion Engineering - Cooperative Education

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


Corrosion resistant materials can be expensive, but usually reduce the life cycle cost of metallic assets. However, negligent sensitization of these materials can lead to aggressive, intergranular corrosion. Using the methodology of the double loop electrochemical potentiokinetic reactivation (DL-EPR), this project investigates different steel reinforced bars and Inconel to determine the degree of sensitization after a heat treatment of 900°C for 2 hours. The purpose of this research is to validate and determine the appropriate test parameters for performing further DL-EPR test in the future. Additionally, the kinetics observed for each sample during the DL-EPR test will be analyzed and discussed. It was found that a DL-EPR solution of 0.5M H2SO4 and 0.01M KSCN was sufficient in facilitating the desired test behavior in Inconel 718, AISI 316, AISI 24100, SS 2205, and SS 2304 samples. SS 2205 displayed the lowest affinity for sensitization (0.18%) and Inconel 718 showed the highest (45.04%) according to the DL-EPR tests performed.

Research Sponsor

Dr. David M. Bastidas

First Reader

Dr. Hongbo Cong

Second Reader

Dr. Qixin Zhou



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