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2023-05-03 12:53:00



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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2019


This study explored the relationship between age, sex and bone microarchitecture. Using high-resolution images, we may better understand the factors affecting different aspects of bone microstructure. Statistical support was provided for the quantitative differences in bone microarchitecture between the sexes. The significant differences noted in Canal Volume (Ca.V), Cortical Porosity (Ca.V/TV), Canal Surface (Ca.S) and Canal Surface to Tissue Volume (Ca.S/TV) offer several interesting points when compared with pre-existing literature. All four parameters listed above that reported significance did so with respect to sex, in that each parameter differed between sexes.

However, no significant difference was noted among age within either sex. The biggest problem regarding the efficacy of this study was the small sample size for each age group. For any given age group, the sample size was not larger than 2 for each sex. This made it difficult to determine the effects of age on bone microstructure within one sex quantitatively. This may be due to the large of variation in the parameters we tested for. Support for age-related changes in bone microarchitecture within one sex, and additional support for changes between sex may be provided in the future when using a larger sample size.

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Janna M. Andronowski

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Brian Bagatto

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James Holda

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Biology Commons



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