Date of Graduation

Spring 2015

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Education


Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

Research Sponsor

Dr. Timothy Lillie

First Reader

Dr. Alfred W. Daviso

Second Reader

Dr. Shernavaz Vakil


This literature review examines the level of preparedness of pre-service and novice special education teachers, specifically teachers pursuing education careers within urban school districts. Research studies were reviewed to indicate what teaching methods are regarded as effective in relation to behavior management. It was found that using culturally responsive teaching has been proven to be effective within urban settings. Studies were also examined to determine if first-year teachers were well prepared and what teacher preparation programs could possibly implement to ensure that future educators are well equipped to effectively teach and manage the growing special education population of students in urban environments. It was found that the majority of pre-service and novice teachers are not adequately prepared to take on the demands of special education in urban classrooms. This is based off of self-efficacy as reported by teachers and perceived preparedness as reported by others including professors and administrators. Implications for how teacher preparation programs should respond to this research to better prepare future educators are outlined within the review of studies.

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