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Civil Engineering - Cooperative Education

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2019


Some research objectives to be considered in this paper will include: What are the general advantages and disadvantages of having fully autonomous vehicles? What research has been done on the safety of them and what needs to be done to improve that safety? In order to have the safest and most efficient system for autonomous vehicles, will there be a place for older vehicles that require a human to operate in this new transportation system? Where does Ohio stand in the development of autonomous vehicles and what steps are they taking to prepare for such technology?

Another important research objective to be discussed is: How would these vehicles be distributed and how would ownership work? Will there be a general government owned fleet that consumers can pay to use? Will people be able to purchase their own autonomous vehicles? If this is the case, how would allowing individuals to each own their own autonomous vehicle help improve the efficiency of our transportation system? If it was owned by the government or a large private company and was a pay-per-ride system, it would be a more efficient system.

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Dr. Ping Yi

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Dr. Duirk

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Dr. Roke



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