The Impact of New Media Influencers: A Video

Curtis Richardson


Essentially, some clips in this project may have some copyright issues, such as the “Spiderman” clips from the beginning. They are public clips shared via a Fandango associated Youtube Channel "Movie Clips". I believe they fall under fair use as general assets because: 1. They don't replace the original media 2. The clips are being used in an educational context.

They may fall in a gray area when it comes to publishing the content, so, I would request that the project not be published upon submission to the Honors College website at the University of Akron, and that it not be shared on the University of Akron’s website.


In this project, I wanted to conduct an educational and entertaining essay translated into a video format. This “Video Essay” would cover how “New Media stars” (including people on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, but specifically Youtube or any other form of video content online) have affected and influenced demographics and culture. Specifically, I wanted to study how strong the reach of a social media star is, the effect of this reach on the consumer, and how it influenced opinions, thoughts, and habits. After research, it turns out the social media influencers are very important for their online environment. They help conduce and restrict the flow of information and have strong influential power of the consumers of media. All in all it is up to the consumer to decide if this is beneficial or not.