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2023-05-03 09:45:08


Interdisciplinary Anthropology

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2018


For this project I will be completing a demographic analysis of Schneider Park by using death records from both parts of Glendale cemetery (the Regular cemetery and the Potter’s Field). From the analysis of this project I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the differences in the health status as determined by either death certificates or death records of those interred at the different cemeteries. From this I have five predictions that will be tested using the two-way ANOVA and the Chi-Square analysis. These predictions include: causes of death and cemeteries are not independent from one another; a correlation between cause of death, cemeteries, and ages at death; overall older ages at death at Glendale cemetery and overall younger ages at death in the Schneider Park Potter’s Field; a similarity in overall cause of death distribution between Schneider Park Potter’s Field and the Glendale Potter’s Field; and finally, that the Glendale Regular cemetery will have higher rates of heart-related causes of deaths and Schneider Park will have a higher rate of lung-related causes of death. Testing these predictions will help develop a better understanding of the overall differences in health status of the individuals interred in each of the cemeteries.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Patricia Vinyard

First Reader

Dr. Carolyn Behrman

Second Reader

Dr. Kevin Kern



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