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Exercise Science - Coaching/Conditioning

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Bachelor of Science

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Fall 2018



Seventeen subjects from The University of Akron Women's Soccer team were selected to participate in a study that assessed the correlation between body composition and perceived ventilatory threshold (VT). We compared several anthropometric measurements with results from a VO2max test.


Each participant was taken through a set of resting measurements such as height, weight, waist and neck circumference. Body composition was then estimated using the air displacement method or BodPod. Subjects were fitted with heart rate monitors and masks for a VO2max test. Subjects were read a script explaining them what a VT is, and was told to raise their hand during the maximal testing when they believed they had reached their VT. Subjects also filled out a PRETIE-Q questionnaire to asses their preference for intensity and tolerance of high intensity exercise.


Data showed a low positive correlation (0.012) between body fat percentage and perceived ventilatory threshold.


Within the scope of this study, it can be concluded that body composition does not have an effect on perceived ventilatory threshold.

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Rachele Kappler

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Stacey Buser

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Ronald Otterstetter



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