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Adolescent to Young Adult - Integrated Mathematics

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Bachelor of Arts in Education

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Spring 2018


This paper discusses the relationship between the presence of birth parents in a student’s home life and their grade last semester in mathematics. Our[1] study consisted of two sets of rosters from two different urban high schools in a large metropolitan district. The 238 students involved are currently enrolled in either AP Calculus AB, Pre-calculus, Applied Statistics, Algebra II, Honors Geometry, or Geometry. The research showed that 30.8% of students who live with only their birth mother received an A or a B for the semester while 17.5% percent failed their mathematics course. In contrast, 58.4% percent of students who live with both of their birth parents earned an A or a B and only 10.1% of them failed their mathematics course for the semester. I was able to conclude at a 1 percent significance level that students living with both of their birth parents are more likely to earn an A or a B in their mathematics course than students living with just one of their birth parents. Furthermore, at a 10 percent significance level, there is sufficient evidence to draw the conclusion that it is less likely for a student who lives with both of their birth parents to fail their mathematics course than it is for a student who lives with just their birth mother. Therefore, the data seems to imply a definite correlation between the presence of birth parents in the homes of students and the students’ grades.

[1] This study was completed with one other person, Cailyn Rowan.

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Dr. Lynne M. Pachnowski

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Dr. Linda Saliga

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Dr. Shelley Houser



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