Date of Graduation

Winter 2018

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Electrical Engineering

Research Sponsor

Dr. Kye-Shin Lee

First Reader

Dr. Ryan Toonen

Second Reader

Mr. Gregory Lewis


Since water is an important resource and not all communities around the world can afford to be liberal with their water needs; it has become important to use available water as efficiently as possible, especially in agriculture. For the purpose of reducing the overwatering of crops, an unattended ground moisture sensor can be implemented to measure the moisture level in the soil surrounding the plants. This will allow a farmer to know when to water or stop watering crops. For convenience, the moisture data information should be transmitted wirelessly to the user. The design of an unattended ground moisture sensor and wireless communication/user interface system is discussed. The sensor design consists of a Wheatstone bridge for determining the resistance of the soil, followed by a differential amplifier for converting the measured resistance into a voltage. This is done because there exists a correlation between moisture and resistance. This voltage is interpreted by a micro controller as moisture data and sent wirelessly to a Lora receiver. The receiver then relays that information to the user via a mobile or web based app.



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