Date of Graduation

Spring 2018

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Computer Engineering

Research Sponsor

Mr. Gregory Lewis

First Reader

Dr. Kye-Shin Lee

Second Reader

Dr. Nghi Tran


One problem drivers face is distraction from looking at their mobile device while navigating rather than watching the road. This problem can be solved with a heads-up display placed directly on the driver’s windshield. By using a mobile device with a custom GPS application, the following design will be able to send GPS data to a device that will display navigational information on a car windshield. The design includes two primary components, a mobile device and a System Unit, where the System Unit is composed of a portable power supply, a single board computer, and a display. For the design, the mobile device is an android device, the portable power supply is a battery, and the display is a small projector. The design has a very strong software focus, and the main intention of the design is to produce a fully functional Android mobile application that pairs along with prototype hardware elements. In final implementation, the mobile application sends data in the JSON format over a Bluetooth connection. The key features of the project are as follows:

• A custom GPS Android Application that can generate routes from the user’s current location to destinations entered by the user.

• A System Unit, which is a device that has the capability to be mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard, connect to the user’s mobile device, and generate a display that contains navigation information.

• A projected display that is shown on the vehicle’s windshield.

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Alex Walenchok Individual Contribution

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