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2023-05-03 05:05:16



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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2018


The issue of sexual assault has garnered widespread attention in recent years, as is evident by the growing number of high-profile cases and mainstream social movements. With this increasingly bright spotlight, it is no surprise that The University of Akron has interest in improving the sexual violence education programs offered to students. In 2015, the university conducted a survey to gather information on the campus climate surrounding sexual assault. This analysis dives into a deeper analysis of the data gathered in an attempt to pinpoint areas that require the university’s attention. The analysis covers topics identified by Dean of Students Mike Strong and Dr. Linda Subich as areas of interest, including student opinions on common rape myths, campus reporting rates, efficacy of current training programs, and a predictive analysis to determine high-risk student populations. The results of each topic suggests that the current sexual violence education programs are not sufficient enough to stand alone. Supplemental education in areas including debunking common rape myths, bystander intervention, and campus resources for survivors of sexual assault.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Mark Fridline

First Reader

Mike Strong

Second Reader

Dr. Linda Subich



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