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2023-05-03 05:03:36


Integrated Marketing Communication

Degree Name

Bachelor of Business Administration

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2018


This research paper explores the evolution of writing from a form of self-expression into a tactic to build community and to earn revenue in the form of web logs, or blogs. A history tracing blogging back to personal diaries and journals operates to set the context for the methods by which current day blogs create persona, community, and revenue. Through research conducted utilizing industry reports, academic texts, and professional blog articles, a thorough examination of 3 types of blogs outlines the methods of creating a successful blog and how each type of blog is monetized. Current trends in personal blogging, business to consumer (B2C) blogging, and business to business (B2B) blogging also feature. Throughout the paper, the writer’s personal experience composing a travel blog while studying abroad in South Korea adds further context to the greater implications of writing’s transformation from personal expression into public consumption.

Following the research portion of the paper in Appendix A is the actual blog written by the author, preceded by an examination into how the blogger developed a persona while writing the blog, followed by data regarding readership. Finally, Appendix B is a long form blog post about the best practices for travel blogging, written based upon the research conducted and the experience of the writer.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Federico De Gregorio

First Reader

Dr. Vanja Djuriic

Second Reader

Dr. Janet Bean