Date of Graduation

Summer 2017

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Music


Music - Brass Performance

Research Sponsor

Dr. Margaret Tung

First Reader

Dr. Christopher Blaha

Second Reader

Dr. James Albrecht


Unaccompanied music provides a host of challenges for solo musicians, and especially for wind players. The performer cannot rely on accompaniment for embouchure rest or for realization of the harmonic content, due to only being able to play one pitch at a time. An unaccompanied musician has to breathe life into the music by themselves, requiring an intimate knowledge of the music, even moreso than is already required. The pacing of the music, the dynamics, phrasing, and articulation need to be clearly conveyed to the audience by the performer alone. Likely due to the horn not having valves until the mid-19th century (and even then, taking decades longer before they were adopted into mainstream), there was a very limited repertoire of unaccompanied pieces for the horn until the 20th century. For my honors project, I performed a lecture recital for high school students focusing on Bernhard Krol’s Laudatio and Vincent Persichetti’s Parable VIII. In this paper, I will examine the background of these musicians as both performers and composers, analyze Laudatio and Parable VIII, and compare these compositions.